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I am still amazed that I walked into your office in extreme pain and walked out with no pain in my shoulder. My shoulder had been frozen for about 6 months and now I’m able to move it freely and without pain. I have now been without pain in my shoulder for about 4 weeks and I feel great.

I never knew about alternative medicine, but now I’m a firm believer. The fact that I have almost total use of my arm without surgery is wonderful and the fact that I’m not taking Percodan 3 times a day is even better.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

PL, Spa Owner

Most of my chronic foot pain has decreased significantly in the time I have spent with Dr. Harris. My pain used to be so bad that it would affect my daily life. Dr. Harris has given me a lot of my freedom back.

I would highly recommend acupuncture treatment and specifically Dr. Harris.

DG, High School Track Coach

I know you told me that this treatment would be powerful but I have never felt so free of whatever it was that has been weighing me down for so long. I feel so much energy now.

I would gladly and most enthusiastically refer anyone that I come across who complains of malady whether it be physical or spiritual to your esteemed services.

JK, Nursing Student

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